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Deciding to close The Stronghouse was a long and drawn out discussion, but once made has allowed me to move forward with other decisions.  I will miss you!

Support The Makers, Mavens and Mavericks

May. 02. 2016 Read more →

Initially drawn to her impeccable strength in sophisticated and eclectic style, I was constantly distracted in meetings and forever asking her about her jewellery and outfits. What endeared me to her was her quiet and determined character, consistently carrying the value that less is always more.

Style Maverick, Heather Waugh-Pitts

July. 23. 2015 Read more →
Tori Poynton, principle jeweller and founder of ToriXO Jewelry, designs accessories that are both bohemian chic and delightfully refined.  Erin Elaine Casey journals with The Strong House's newest Maker in NSCAD's Metal Shop in the Port of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Meet Creatives: Tori Poynton, ToriXO Jewelry

April. 01. 2015 Read more →